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Facebook rebrands 'News Feed' to avoid confusion

Facebook announced a simple rebrand of 'News Feeds' to 'Feeds' Tuesday, to alleviate confusion of the long-time features purpose.

According to a press release, some users may be confusing what Facebook's news feed entails because of the name, assuming it is all news updates and articles rather than friends and families' posts.

As seen in the above video, Facebook claims the change is to "... better reflect the diverse content people see on their feeds." The platform made it appoint to acknowledge this change would have no impact on the overall user experience.

Though this rebrand seems a bit aimless, with the recent quarters decline in active usage, it could serve as a very small defense against any further declining numbers as Q2 quickly approaches its final weeks.

Additionally, outside of the western region; other regions are still in the initial process of integrating Facebook into their lives as noted by Andre Hutchinson of Social Media Today.

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