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Facebook says goodbye to podcasting

Only 10 months after launching Audio Rooms, Facebook is pulling the plug on podcasts on their platform to focus on more video and Metaverse.

Starting this week, you will no longer be able to add new podcasts to Facebook's audio platform - ten months after its launch. Meta's increased interest in the Metaverse and need to compete with Tik Tok seemingly left little room for developing audio-centered features in an increasingly over-saturated sector of social media.

Interest in audio-form content peaked when Clubhouse rose in early 2021, gaining a $4 billion value. So, it only made sense that Facebook would get in on the audio action.

Nevertheless, futile efforts have encouraged Facebook to gracefully bow out.

Last year, the company explored starting a training program to bring more audio creators to the platform. Editaudio Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Steph Colbourn claimed there was a group working with Facebook to train a handful of creators on how to create and produce their shows but there has been no evidence on follow-through, as reported by Bloomberg.

While Facebook has opted to leave it up to creators to explain the sudden exit, users and creators can expect Audio Rooms to be integrated to live, giving the option to explore audio only lives.

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