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IG launches an updated testing of its new full-screen feed

Instagram is officially live testing an updated version of a full-screen feed and updated navigation bar with select users in the U.S., as the platform continues to encourage a more immersive experience and discovery.

Though full-screen testing was first spotted in March by mobile developer Alessando Paluzzi, Mosseri first officially announced it would be available to select U.S. users this past May.

Upon the announcement, Meta Founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a story speaking more on the subject - asseting images would still be just as important. With over 20% of Instagram's user activity going to the Reels feed, the truth is Instagram does and will continue to favor video content over static imagery.

Last December, Mosseri noted, "We’re going to double-down on our focus on video and consolidate all of our video formats around Reels” in conversation of expected changes in 2022.

Nevertheless, the news comes a week The Verge reported a leaked internal memo in Meta that revealed major expectations in algorithmic changes on Instagram -- further pushing their desire to compete for the younger audiences fascinated with Tik Tok, whom in return has their eyes focused on competing with Netflix.

Despite the constant comparisons of the platforms, Tik Tok has made it clear they are not the same and have no desire to view themselves as such.

“Facebook is a social platform. They’ve built all their algorithms based on the social graph. That is their core competency. Ours is not,” Tik Tok's president of global business solutions, Blake Chandlee told CNBC. He added: “We are an entertainment platform ... The difference is significant. It’s a massive difference.”

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