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#NewFeature Alert!

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Earlier today, Instagram Head, Adam Mosseri, announced more new features for the seemingly ever-evolving platform as they continue to compete with TikTok. Enjoy tips on the best methods to apply this to your upcoming content:

IG Playback: the 2021 Recap

  • As the year comes to an end, join in the fun of the past year's memories! The IG Playback is a video recap of your most viral content on in 2021.

Reels Visual Replies

  • As the platform fights to compete with video social platform TikTok, you can now respond to comments in a reel to encourage more on-platform engagement from creator to audience. TIP: Create a reels response strategy for FAQs and add it to your guides for your new and returning customers to refer to.

Profile embed

  • As Instagram continues to expand its desktop capabilities, you can now embed your IG profile into webpages! TIP: This feature would best serve Social Media Managers and other digital storytellers looking to offer a digital portfolio of past work and current client accounts.

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