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LinkedIn to expand post expressions with "funny" reaction

As engagement on LinkedIn continues to rise at record-levels, the profession-based platform brings a new way to engage with posts with the "funny" reaction, spotted by App Researcher Nima Owji.

As one of the most user-requested updates to the platform, it makes sense LinkedIn would find this to be a new, yet simple way to adjust to the change of behavior recently.

Cute antidotes like this have inundated LinkedIn's feeds as of late.

Between filtering political posts and welcoming engagement friendly antidotes, questions on if the platform is focusing on bridging the gap for the incoming younger professional generations' online behavior are seeming to present more obvious assumptions of what's to come.

“One of the top requests we got was for a laughing emoji reaction. We hear you loud & clear and we agree. Humor is indeed a serious business.” -LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer Tomer Cohen, Feb. 2022

There has been on official announcement on when the update will go live.

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