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LinkedIn updates algorithm to fit user demands

Amid reporting their sixth consecutive quarter of record-breaking engagement growth, LinkedIn positions themselves to keep it going with more engagement tactic updates.

Earlier this month, the pro-centered platform announced they'd be making changes to the algorithm to better serve what users want to see the most; starting with eliminating engagement baiting.

We've seen a number of posts that expressly ask or encourage the community to engage with content via likes or reactions – posted with the exclusive intent of boosting reach on the platform. We’ve heard this type of content can be misleading and frustrating for some of you. We won’t be promoting this type of content and we encourage everyone in the community to focus on delivering reliable, credible and authentic content.

While options like choosing "I don't want to see this" on any post by clicking the three dots exist, LinkedIn is moving proactively to adjust the algorithm to content needs.

Among other changes to come, they also plan to cut down on the massive influx of polls that inundate most users feeds - as marketers have seemingly used as their engagement cheat code. Rather than eradicating polls all together, the platform is opting to show users only posts that are relevant and helpful by prioritizing polls from in-network connections, above all.

We’ve heard feedback that there are too many polls in the feed. We’re taking steps to be smarter and show you only those that are helpful and relevant. That means fewer polls from people you don’t know and more from those you’re more likely to engage with from your network.

LinkedIn's more personalized engagement tactic goes even further as the option to choose to see less political content grows as they expand testing to only U.S users for the time being.

The debate on whether political posts truly have a place on LinkedIn is long-standing considering the many political professionals whom engage and occupy space on. the platform. Should we see a significant number of users opt for this option - we can expect to see some major backlash on those politic-based industry pros.

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