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New Year. New Strategy.

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

2022 has commenced and if your team doesn't already have your first quarter content planning in the works, you-are-BEHIND! Understanding how to tackle new trends and demands of your dynamic customer and create an effective strategy can be difficult at any level. Quarterly planning allows you to manage, organize, and track the goals and performance of your strategy.

Planning a Quarter Ahead

The key to all effective strategy is proactive planning. By looking ahead at your calendar, your team can organize important dates, plan effective campaigns, and identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help your team create a the perfect dynamic strategy. In business, this form of proactive planning is best practiced quarterly - every three months.

Identifying Key Goals

Before diving head first into quarterly planning, it's important your team identifies the key performance goals for the year. What are your team's overall performance goals and how do you plan to execute? Be specific. If your performance goal for the year is to generate more sales, identify the specific annual sales goal and KPIs from the past year that can contribute to reaching such goals. Once your team is able to clearly identify these assets, you are ready to break down your goal into quarterly sales goals and begin planning.

Quarterly Reporting

While planning, don't make mistake of forgetting to track your performance every quarter! Keeping your team on track and on the same page throughout strategy execution is top priority as changes are inevitable. The best way to do this is with quarterly reporting. In your report, you should document the plans, goals and execution success. Using this information to optimize and adjust your plan for the upcoming quarter will ensure your team and your plans success.

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