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Snapchat to enable mid-roll ads for "snap stars"

As the fight for best creator platform continues, Snapchat announces beta testing of mid-roll ads for creators, Monday.

In an effort to present "new opportunities to support creators," Snapchat announces its plans to enable mid-roll ads for Snapchat creators called Snap Stars. According to their news release, Snap Stars will receive a share of revenue generated from ads within their public stories - similar to ads in Youtube videos.

The new monetization feature will allow for an easier path to financial success as the stories feature across different platforms "lower the barrier to content creation and engagement," said Snapchat.

So what does this mean for the advertisers involved?

The original stories-based platform says it's a new chance to reach the Snapchat community with "new high-value placement."

There's no denial that advertisers able to establish an effective ads strategy on Snapchat have seen a ROI, but could this feature be enough to put Snapchat in the paid ads game in a different way or will it be received as more clutter on the platform pushing them further away from its original goals and purpose?

Since the beta testing is limited to only a small group of U.S. Snap Stars until its official roll-out in a few months, we can expect to see advertisers taking their times before diving in.

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