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Ro Curtis is creative strategist with 10 years combined experience in social, branding and broadcast production. 

Believe me, when it comes to content she knows what she's doing.

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Full Social Media Strategy Refresh for Bell Law Group

The Client: Bell Law Group, LLC.

The Challenge: Bell Law Group, a Chicago-based boutique law firm by Attorney Sahara Bell, need a total social refresh. While they were active on social media, their content was not hitting the audience they were looking for.

Bell Law Group wanted a more unified social media experience to build community, a strategy that invited their community to engage, optimized community management and organic lead generation.

The Approach: I started with repositioning Bell Law Group, from Promoting services on to everyone seeking legal advice in family law on social media to using social to build community and guide families through difficult experiences.

BLG Repositioning Strategy

After performing a full social audit, it was apparent that our first step would need to be a

Unifying the brand

more unified brand messaging across each platform for a more easy discoverability.

After realigning the brand message, I centered focus on optimizing the content strategy - starting with performing a competitive analysis of local competitors and online competitors and research into the success of law firms on social media.

Through this research, I found while most law firms are on social - they were not able to retain or attract new clients through their social media efforts. Those that did, were often boutique firms who understood how to approach as a niched content creator.

With this information, I built a content strategy that prioritized video content with Attorney Bell answering relatable family law questions, responding to related and sometime outrageous Reddit storytimes with honest legal implications, and tapped into trending audio. We focused our efforts on video-focused platforms and launched on TikTok.

the approach

Since beginning in 2022. Bell Law Group has exponentially online. Check the numbers below:

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