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TikTok expands 'Discovery' tab replacement

As they push for a more creator forward on their platform, Tik Tok confirmed testing the replacement of the 'Discovery' tab with a new 'Friends' tab instead.

The new 'Friends' tab is a showcase of content posted your followers that you follow back, new followers, and content similar to what you engage with already.

So what's difference to the 'Friends' tab versus the 'For You' page?

There really isn't any. However, Tik Tok strategically placed them both where they can both be readily available, since they've figured out more people discover content in the search at a higher rate than anywhere else. Let's call it "covering their grounds."

If that weren't enough, the tab also prompts you to discover more of your friends content by connecting with your Facebook friends.

It will be exciting to see what small yet, major plays we will see from Tik Tok in the coming months.

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