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Twitter announces 5th annual 'Brand Bowl' winners

Now that the biggest annual event of American Football has commenced, the biggest online events (Super Bowl tweets) guides the way as Twitter ranks the conversation around #BestOfTweets of SuperBowl LVI.

It should come to no surprise brands like Pepsi, Expedia and Marvel Studios topped the list this year. Check this year's winners and their SuperBowl LVI campaigns:

MVP - drove the largest conversation among Big Game advertisers; Pepsi's #PepsiHalftime.

NO TV Touchdown - drove the most conversation without a TV spot: @FanDuel's #FanDuelBingo.

Retweet Rusher - Most Retweets on Big Game Advertisers: @FTX_Official's FTXContest

(re)Play of the Game - most engagement on a single video: @MarvelStudio's #DoctorStrange

Most Creative Play: @Expedia's #TraveltheAds

Audible: @MrPeanut's #PlantersAllinOne

Learn more about social media and digital marketing updates below.

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