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Zuckerberg calls all-staff meeting for updated company values

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg held an all-staff meeting Tuesday to announce the platform's forward-seeking updated values.

The now sixth mission update is said to include elements of past mission drivers with some adjustments and replacements. Directives like the 2009-2014 "Move Fast" taking on a the "Move Fast Together" approach; the 2014-2017 "Be Bold" directive being replaced with "Build Awesome Things" and more.

According to The Verge Senior Reporter, Alex Heath, Zuckerberg has even made mention of the idea of "METAMATES."

As of now, how all these changes will affect user experience in the future is uncertain, but with the recent rebrand of news feeds to feeds, new feature roll-outs are not far-fetched expectations.

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